Binance Will List MOUSE (MOUSE) in the Innovation Zone

MOUSE Is a decentralized cross-chain infrastructure project. It affords merchandise which includes bridge, cross-chain messaging protocol and stable. MOUSE is the software and governance token.

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Listing Price: 1 MOUSE= 2 USD

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap at June 02, 2023


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Buy 0.01 BNB = 4000 MOUSE

Buy 10 BNB = 4,000.000 MOUSE


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Claim 2500 MST for the first 10,000 people.


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The MOUSE Swap

The MOUSE It is a decentralized, driverless platform. It is protected by cross-chain Multi-Party Computing (MPC), which works using Threshold Signature Systems (TSS), which are private and public keys used to authenticate transactions.

Token Name - Mouse Swap Token
Token Symbol - MST
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 1,000.000.000
Swap - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x008869FD52341089A476Efd6de2a50D73D163262

Powering the most popular bridge.

MOUSE The bridge is built on cross-chain infrastructure, allowing users to seamlessly transfer assets between all blockchains. Bridging has become the most widely used method of transferring assets between chains, providing affordable, fast and secure bridging.


Is MOUSE Bridge Safe?

The MOUSE Bridge is designed as a secure and efficient way to transfer assets between different blockchains. The project was also reviewed by several security companies. The team constantly monitors it to protect against vulnerabilities. In November 2021,MOUSE Swap validators detected unusual activity in the platform's AMM metapools and successfully blocked the company for an $8 million cross-chain breach.